Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Helper preview

When I looked at this a second time, I realized it does not look like a preview. I was just having fun with it.      So to stop any confusion. I made another preview.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Helper

I tried to think of other things,( besides bugs and stuff) that would go in this kit and keep coming up blank. So that said, I guess its done. I hope you enjoy using it.

I also made this with this kit for you to enjoy
(I forgot to put the bird in the kit and I must have deleted the birdhouse, Because I can't find it anywhere??)

I love flowers

I made this image, I guess its called a tag. for a friend of mine. I thought you might like to have it to. It is animated, but I don't think it will post as animated. Maybe, but the download will be though.

Blog template change

I have been trying to change my blog forever! When I finally figured it out , it was so simple I can't believe it took me so long.
I used "Little Cook's Kitchen" for it. I Kind of like it,But I've had the other one so long I need to get used to this one.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Little Cooks Kitchen

I'm not sure if this is interesting to you all!  But it was relaxing to put it together.  My personal life is just a little hectic lately and I find it takes my mind off things for a while to create these kinda silly kits. I hope someone will find a use for them.    :^}   There is everything that's shown on the preview, plus a bunch more. Most are scaled to the fit on this 12" x 12" preview, but not all. So you might have to resize some. 
I was raised in  a bunch of foster homes and I never had a doll house of my own and never had much for really good home cooked foods (although I still like a bowl of plain macaroni and butter), and I spent a lot of my adult life learning to make yummy comfort foods. (hence the recipe pages) Not always so healthy (CRINGE!!!) so I suppose that is why I  tend to make this kind of kit?
I am starting on a different room tomorrow, Maybe living room. I'm not sure yet. In one home I was not allowed to sit on the sofa or chairs, But sometimes that was fine by me, It was a lot warmer sitting on the floor in the corner beside the wood stove.

Personal use only!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chili recipe

The dashboard is still not working quite right. so I had to add a second post for the finished recipe card.


I made this for supper and I love it, Even though it makes my face sweat! You might like it hotter or milder its up to you, the package tells you how much to put in for mild, normal and hot. Myself I put it all in. LOL

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sewing room

My other favorite thing to do besides cook, is sewing. So I thought I would put together a small kit with sewing things it in. Have fun!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I was going to post a message directing you all to my other blog. But I noticed that for some reason this blog is finally allowing me to post pictures and links again, Whaa hooooo! I will be posting on this one again, but I'm not going to delete my other one just in case. LOL
Maybe I will make and sell things on the other one. I have thought about it for a long time and just kept procrastinating. I worked for a clothing designer for many years and I like creating mostly kitcheny type things, aprons, placemats, table runners and that sort of thing. I might make up a few things to test the waters and wait and see if it would be worth my while.
I just finished canning a ton of things, that I wish I could sell but OSHA would never approve it so
Ive been giving away bunches of things. Black raspberry, raspberry, rhubarb and thimble berry preserves and jams, my spaghetti sauce (fresh ripe tomatos), green tomato pickles, bread and butter pickles, green tomato relish and last but not least green tomato mincemeat pie filling. I'm making raspberry bars today with some of my jam and then I'm getting out of the kitchen!! Ive had enough cooking for a while. I don't care if I ever see another green tomato right now

I have a small kit and a couple of recipe pages almost ready. I will post them here soon.

Just checking ??