Friday, April 16, 2010

GIF FILES???????

Do you ever get so obsessed with something that you spend hours trying to get it to work right?
Well I have spent hours tonight trying to figure out how to post a gif image!!!
It isn't even that important that I do it, I just wanted to.
I uploaded it to photobucket and clicked share on blogger. It kept failing, once or twice it did post in the side bar and worked great, but it was so big it only showed 1/4 of it, so I deleted it and shrunk the file and tried again,  But it kept failing again. AAAHHHHHH, I could pull my hair out! 
It even told me that I needed to create a blog, because I didn't already have one? WHATTT! I'm so done with that for tonight.
Anyway It was a picture of my new great grandson Miles, He was born monday, 8lbs 10oz, 23 inches long
We've had three babies born into our family in the last month.
and they all make me feel ancient. ( great gramma, great aunt and great great aunt PHEW!)

1 comment:

  1. If the gif is one that is in motion, you may have to upload it into the HTML/Java Script widget on the design page. Otherwise, open it in your program and then save it as a .jpg.

    You have such cute things! I love your style.

    And, all those babies! LOL You are truly blessed!