Friday, August 6, 2010

I have a new blog site now (link to it is below this post)

Hi everyone!

I finally got a new blog up and running. I have been persistently trying to make this old blog work or
to make my own blog layout with my own graphics. YEAH RIGHT! I want to tell you I am completely in awe of all of you that know how to manipulate HTML . I tried and tried but in the end I gave up and found this layout online, Which I am happy with! PHEW!!!!

In between that I am baby-sitting my two grandsons Shawn and Chris for the summer and two days a week I also have the two babies from the family upstairs. And most days my daughter Veronica and granddaughter Arianna come over as well to swim with the boys. So not much time to blog anyway.
I have posted some new things to download on my other blog, (as this one will not let me post pictures anymore?) So please come over and see me.

Click here to link to my new blog

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