Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A few more

4-shared seems to be up again for now. ( I'm not sure, it might have been my connection) So here is the other pages I have finished.
The Green tomato recipes I made up because I gave some that I made recently to a friend and he wanted the recipes. They are surprisingly good. I hope you like them. 


  1. Thanks so much - I can't wait to try the mincemeat cookies! The printout has 2 and then a box for flour - is this only 2 cups??


  2. Yes that was just 2 cups, I have corrected the page. Thanks for being my second pair of eyes, I seem to get distracted a lot lately.

  3. Mmmmmm Kahlua Pie, this is definitely going on my 'to cook' list.

    BTW, love the kitten, it looks just like mine.

    Am Bookmarking your blog for a return visit when I can peruse it leisurely.

    Thanks so muc. Happy Christmas


  4. Thank you once again. I really appreciate it.